About Emalene

If you are looking for a more permanent form of make up, then you need not look any further.  Emalene Grove, the Managing Director of WPR, has been practicing permanent make up for nearly 20 years. She has extensive knowledge in this field and prides herself on the fact that she has experienced every aspect from colour to application, also correction.

The popularity of this treatment has caused an upsurge in recent years in companies offering the equipment, products and training. The nature of the treatments and the skills that have to be mastered can make it difficult for all therapists to develop the same high level of confidence and proficiency and having confidence in their chosen therapist is very important for the client. Emalene’s creativity and ability to create a perfectly applied natural enhancement is what brings her loyal clientele back time and time again.

Many women may worry that Permanent Make-up will look ‘obvious’, but with Emalene’s expertise these fears are unfounded in her highly experienced hands. It is her desire to create a look that pleases her client. Emalene has a genuine concern for her clients, whose needs vary from treatment to treatment. Her client’s needs always come first.

Emalene is a very dedicated technician who still gets very excited about the work she does. She finds the reaction from her clients after a procedure has been done very rewarding. In a world where the personal touch has all but disappeared, Emalene strives towards excellence and her approach is refreshing and welcome.

Her constant training and sourcing of the best techniques keeps you, the client, up to date with the very latest technology and by following a code of conduct ensures that all procedures are hygienic and professional.


Emalene Grove has been practising permanent make up for nearly 20 years.  She has extensive knowledge in this field and prides herself on the fact that she has experienced every aspect from colour, to application, also correction.  Her constant training and sourcing of the best techniques, keeps you up to date with the very latest technology. It also provides you with piece of mind from all aspects of health and safety by following a code of conduct which ensure that all procedures are hygienic and professionally carried out.   

1996: Training undertaken at The Park School of Beauty Therapy under Dawn Cragg who is the appointed tutor and board examiner for the American Academy for Micro Pigmentation.

2001 – 2003: Training with Reza which required in-depth course work over an 8 to 10 week period consisting of an elementary therapists training course in apparatus, colour and technique followed by a further senior therapist course.  All Reza technicians have to undergo a constant vigorous reassessment programme twice yearly for which they were issued with a Safety Seal of Approval.

2004: Training with Nouveau Contour under the direction of Karen Betts, advisor to the BBC and Sky TV and operating a regular clinic at Princess Grace Hospital.  Training was sought with Nouveau Contour because they offer the most up to date knowledge and advanced techniques available in permanent cosmetics industry.  Presently in the UK standards and regulations governing permanent cosmetics are vague leaving the consumer unprotected.  Nouveau Contour trains its cosmetic technicians to the highest standards so that the consumer will associate Nouveau Contour and its trainees with quality and safety.

Emalene attended seminars held by Nouveau Contour regularly to ensure that she is up to date with the latest advancements in permanent cosmetics.

Permanent Cosmetics


Permanent cosmetics are the future of the beauty industry. Micro pigmentation also known as permanent make-up, cosmetic tattooing or dermagraphic art, is a modern application of hypo-allergenic pigments to create a shadow of colour under the dermal layers of the skin.

We say modern, but in fact this age old art of tattooing has been originally practised since the age of ancient Egypt, India and Africa using plant and nut pigments or ground coals, which were inserted with sharp implements to enhance detail to the surrounding eye and face. 

The first Micro-pigmentation treatments were carried out in the U.K during the early eighties. Since that time the pigmentation method, the treatments and the equipment have improved immeasurably with the results that the treatments are perfectly safe and procedures comply with all the requirements of modern day health and safety legislation

As this technique becomes increasingly more popular it is ideal for anyone wanting to achieve a natural looking alternative to make-up. The results can be as subtle or dramatic as the client wishes, to create a look that enhances the natural features.  Permanent cosmetics can be applied to define or correct eyes, brows or lips, to give a soft natural finish that imitates perfectly applied make up.  

The treatment is ideal to rebalance uneven or scarred lips, and has been successfully used on women who have lost their hair as a result of chemotherapy or alopecia.  The benefits of having micro pigmentation are endless.

Machine & Pigment


The system that Emalene uses is a computerised permanent cosmetic device which ensures excellent results.  One of the special features it offers is individual program settings for each area of application, therefore causing minimal trauma to the skin creating a faster recovery time and a more comfortable treatment.  Hair strokes look more natural, lines are sharper and procedure time is reduced.  Due to the precision of this machine you can now choose between a lip liner to a full lip blush, powdered to feathered brows and eyelash enhancement to full eyeliner.  Some of these treatments are only available with this advanced system.


The Pigment choice made available by Emalene is vast, the pigment contains safe ingredients, and their colour retention and stability is far superior due to the concentrated pigment powders.

Nouveau Contour permanent make-up uses only the best colorants available. The pigment colours are manufactured under the very strict, European regulations. 
The range offers a wide selection of cosmetic and medical colours for eyebrow, lip, eyeliner, areola, camouflage and correction colours to meet every clients needs.

Health & Safety

British health and safety departments have become extremely concerned with the threat of fluid cross-contamination during the use of certain types of permanent cosmetic equipment. The disposable cartridge system used in this machine addresses these concerns as each cartridge is disposed after every treatment.

The disposable needle cartridge contains the needle and the needle “tube”, combined in one disposable cartridge. Internal diaphragms halt and prevent fluid and airborne contaminants from entering the hand piece therefore completely eliminating cross contamination.

Each cartridge is packed separately and sterilised using EO gas to prevent disease transmission. The entire cartridge, which contains the needle is then be disposed off.