• Permanent Cosmetics - Full Face
    18 May 2013

    In my earlier blogs, I’ve covered various individual areas of permanent cosmetics and showed you how this procedure can naturally enhance your feature. Today I’d like to show you a case with full face enhancement.

    This full face permanent makeup incorporates an eyebrow treatment, eyeliner enhancement and a full lip colour. This procedure brings out the best in the clients features, whilst still maintaining a natural look…

  • Permanent Cosmetics - Full Lip Colours
    18 May 2013

    If you love lipsticks, this treatment is for you!

    The amazing thing about Permanent Cosmetics Full Lip Colour treatment is that it will give you the benefits of a lipstick all day long. With an array of colours to choose from the effect can be subtle or as dramatic as you like. Your enhancement can be accentuated with a little lip gloss during the day and will still give you the flexibility to add lipstick for a more dramatic effect for that special night out.

    Please view some examples of my work below….

  • Before/After Photos - Permanent Makeup Correctional Treatment
    16 May 2013

    In my previous blog, I chose to highlight the downsides to the Permanent Makeup market in the UK and how you as a client can avoid a bad experience with this procedure. Today I’d like to show you some examples of correctional work that I have carried out on other practitioners work. I would also like to add that although I will not name and shame all of these clients have been to so called reputable practitioners…

  • How To Avoid Bad Experience With Permanent Make Up?
    15 May 2013

    How To Avoid Bad Experience With Permanent Make Up?

    Have you had a bad experience with Permanent Make Up?

    • Incorrect shape
    • Discolouration
    • Infection
    • Colour change
    • Loss of pigment

    I can help.

    Sadly with the lack of regulation in the UK more and more people are practicing Permanent Make up, which is causing a high number of clients to experience sub standard results. Don’t let that be you.

    Unfortunately if you are one of those clients that have been caught out and are suffering with any of the above, I can help. A lot of the problems that can occur with Permanent Make up can be rectified by an experienced practitioner, so give me a call and let’s see if I can help and restore your enhancement to the way it should look.

  • The Eyebrow Diary
    15 May 2013

    This is an album that tracks the daily healing process after a Permanent Cosmetics Eyebrow treatment…

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