Beauty Tips

  • Do You Want Brows Like These?
    02 July 2013

    HD Brow, Power Brow, Scouse Brow… We have all heard the terms and seen many figures in the public eye supporting and wearing such a style. The question is: Do you want brows like these?

    How many of us have honestly cringed when the first thing you see coming around the corner is a pair of eyebrows. Many Permanent Cosmetic practitioners are now supporting and offering this look. However, my advice, before making any decisions to go permanent you need to remember this….

  • Chemical Peel In a Nutshell
    04 January 2013

    Chemical Peel, skin peel, or skin resurfacing treatment as they may known is an advanced cosmetic procedure offered in modern skincare clinics. They are not only used to treat problematic skins types, but can also be built into a regular skincare programme to address individual needs.

    What Is Chemical Peel For?

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