Permanent Cosmetics-Lip Treatment
14 November 2012 by Emalene Grove

It’s the law of nature that we can’t all be blessed with full and sensual lips! But with all lips, as we get older, the natural skin pigments fade and can draw color out of the face. But it is possible to change the shape and shade of your mouth without adding volume and filler!

This is where Permanent Cosmetics comes into its own. It can give the lip back its definition, to give the illusion of a fuller lip or to just replace your lipstick or lip liner. As well as boosting the lip area the treatment can correct any shape or symmetry concerns and perfect the lip shape. It can also give your mouth a more youthful appearance by defining your natural lip contour. Treatment techniques available are lip liner, lip blush and full lip colour.

Have a look at the before/after photo of my recent work.

Permanent Cosmetics-Lip Treatment-Before-After

When proceeding with this treatment, a consultation session is needed, so that we can discuss the result you want to achieve. Do you want it subtle or dramatic? Would you like it in an attractive blush of colour or a full lip tint which you can accentuate by adding lip gloss? Or if you are concerned about the ageing process, we can create the illusion of lift and give your mouth a youthful fullness! A patch test will also be carried out at this appointment.

Once the treatment plan and details are agreed, an appointment can be booked for the actual procedure.

About 30 minutes before the treatment, a anesthetic cream needs to be applied so that your lip will be numb and treatment discomfort tolerable while I am working on your lip enhancement.

The treatment procedure below starts with the definition of the lip liner. This is to define and frame the lips. A blush technique is then used to blend in the line and create a shading to enhance the colour of the lip and give a natural and more youthful appearance.

Permanent Cosmetics-Lip Treatment Procedure

During the treatment, the reaction may vary from client to client due to individual circumstances of each client and how they respond toward the anesthetic cream. You must expect to feel some discomfort after treatment such as tightness and swelling which generally settles within a few hours of the procedure.

Immediately after the treatment the colour will look darker. This is because the pigment is oxidising. It will stable in a couple of days as the area heals.

Permanent Cosmetics-Lip Treatment After

In terms of post procedure care, you need to avoid contact with water on the treatment area for about 48 hours. You may experience some soreness and dryness in the first 1-2 days after the treatment. It will calm down after a few days.

Same as other Permanent Cosmetic treatments, a ‘top-up’ treatment is essential to finalize the effect as you may loose some pigment through the natural healing process. This ‘top-up’ is recommended to be carried out within 3-6 weeks of initial procedure. A Refresher treatment is recommended every 18 months to maintain your enhancement

For Free consultation, please feel free to contact me to book an appointment.

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