Permanent Cosmetics Eyebrows – Treatment Style Explained
30 June 2016 by Emalene Grove

permanent cosmetic eyebrow treatment by emalene grove

• What is Feathered Technique?
• What is Powdered Brow?
• Which style is better?

These are actually some of the most frequently questions we get asked regarding Permanent Cosmetics Eyebrow Treatment. So in today’s blog, we’d like to explain in detail about the eyebrow styles and show you examples of each techniques.

Feathered Technique

It’s also called hairstroke or feathering eyebrow tattooing. It is a technique that mimics your natural eyebrow hair. Using the needle to create lots of little hair like strokes by implanting pigment in a line under the skin, feathered technique can create the most natural looking brows. Each stroke can mimic the length, thickness, colour and angle of natural hair. The advantages of Feathered Technique: it’s very natural and like real hair.

Feathered Technique is a very good option to use for those eyebrows with gaps or hair missing as it’s hair-by-hair simulation will create a very subtle and natural look. Therefore if your eyebrows are too short, or you have little or no eyebrow hair, Feathered Technique is usually the method to go for.

For those eyebrows with generally good coverage of hair, this can also be a good option. As it’ll add fullness to the brows and creates a naturally shaped and enhanced look.

Below is a couple of examples of Permanent Cosmetics Eyebrow Treatment with Feathered Technique.

permanent cosmetic eyebrow treatment by emalene grove, feathered technique

permanent cosmetic eyebrow treatment by emalene grove, feathered technique

Powdered Brow

Powdered brow will give you a fuller but still soft looking eyebrows as it mimics the conventional brow makeup created by brow shadow or brow pencil. It involves the application of thousands of tiny little dots of pigment, inserted into the skin, gradually building up a colour and a defined shape. There are some people have concerns that the Powdered Brow will look ‘too solid’ or ‘unnatural’. But powdered brow can actually be made very natural and defined looking. Generally speaking, Powdered Brow last a bit longer than Feathered Technique due to the difference between the application. Therefore for matured clients, Powdered Brow may be a better option. Because Feathered Strokes may not stay well in the skin due to the sun damage and the loss of elastin in older skin.

You can see the example of Powdered Brow from the following photo:

permanent cosmetic eyebrow treatment by emalene grove, powdered brow

Which One Is Better

There is not a definite answer to this. As everyone is different and every treatment is different. To create a perfect pair of eyebrows through Permanent Cosmetics, it depends on a lot of factors: the condition of your natural eyebrows, your hair colour, your skin tone, the shape of your face and the goal you want to achieve.

Each techniques has it’s own advantages, sometimes we will actually use a combination of both techniques to bring the best result. So before any Permanent Cosmetics treatments, we would ask you to come for a FREE CONSULTATION, so that we can access your individual concerns, the result you want to achieve and answer any questions you may have. Once you are happy with the treatment plan, we will then go ahead with the procedure.

FREE Consultation-Permanent Cosmetics by Emalene Grove

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