If you are looking for a more permanent form of make up, then you need not look any further. Emalene Grove, Founder of WPR Beauty, has been practicing semi permanent make up for nearly 18 years. She has extensive knowledge in this field and prices herself on the fact that she has experienced every aspect from colour to application, also correction.

New price list coming soon. Please call us on 01277 6339907 for treatment and price enquiry.

Eyebrow Treatments

Treatment Price
Feather 3D Stroke 500
Powdered Brow 450
Eyebrow Reconstruction 575

Lip Liner

Treatment Price
Lip liner coloured application 450
Lip liner natural application 425

Lip Blush

Treatment Price
Lip blush natural application 500
Lip blush coloured application 525
Lip blush tint 600

Eye Liner

Treatment Price
Eyeliner fine application 450
Eyeliner thick application 500
Eyeliner coloured application 525
Eyeliner two tone application 775
Eyeliner ultra thick application 575

Other Treatments

Treatment Price
Eyelash enhancement 425
Beauty mark From £150

Refresher Treatment

Recommended 12 - 18 months from initial application.

Treatment Price
Refresher treatment 250

* Offer applies for clients that have initial treatments at WPR within past 3 years

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Emalene is Fully Accredited with A.C.T FAST
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How to Book Your Treatments

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