Permanent makeup is an advanced form of cosmetic tattooing used to define eyes, brows and lips. It can be used to define eyes by making small eyes look bigger, lashes look thicker and emphasise eye colour; brows can be created using a soft pencilled look or textured hair strokes on sparse, short, pale brows; lips can be made fuller using the unique “lip blush” system giving a haze of colour across the lips. Lips which have lost definition through the ageing process can be corrected and shape redefined. 

Over the past 10 years permanent makeup treatments have improved considerably with the availability of computerised precision art tools and state of the art pigments allowing the permanent makeup technician to achieve natural looking enhancements that imitates the most perfectly applied make-up.

Clients no longer have to be satisfied with heavy blocked brows, hard eyeliners and unsightly lip lines.  Remarkable results can now be achieved with textured hair simulation eyebrows, soft shaded eyeliners, and subtle lip blush procedures.

All of us think that we look better, more attractive and feel more confident with our make up on. Whether it’s a simple slick of lipstick or a dash of mascara, make up undoubtedly gives us a boost. Emalene uses her artistic ability to give Permanent Make-up a natural look that means goodbye to smudged eyeliner, faded lipstick and runny mascara, and hello to wide awake eyes, sleek brows and deliciously defined lips.

  • Eyebrow Treatments

    Brows have never been more of a facial focus than they are now, Eyebrows frame the face, giving expression, warmth and depth, and without them, women can feel uncomfortable about their looks. For those of you, who plucked brows into oblivion have naturally sparse and pale brows, suffer from alopecia or undergoing chemotherapy will benefit from this remarkable treatment. Permanent make can be used to enhance the brow.

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  • Eyebrow Microblading

    Microblading is the latest Permanent Makeup technique to create the most natural-looking results. It allows reconstructing eyebrows with a hand-tool.

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  • Eye Treatments

    Who hasn’t struggled to get eyeliner looking perfect? Applying your own eyeliner is extremely difficult, but when eyes have been perfectly lined, they can look amazing. Permanent cosmetics gives eyes a wide awake, more vibrant look, say goodbye to smudges and smearing! Eyelashes can be made to look thicker and fuller, eyes are defined and eyeliner can be replaced.

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  • Lip Treatments

    It’s the law of nature that we can’t all be blessed with full and sensual lips! But with all lips, as we get older, the natural skin pigments fade, and can draw color out of the face. But, it is possible, to change the shape and shade of your mouth. Permanent make up can be used to give the lip back its definition, to give the illusion of a fuller lip or to just replace your lipstick or lip liner.

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  • Scalp Tattooing

    Also knowned as Scalp MicroPigmentation, hairline tattooing, hair replication, Scalp Micro Pigmentation is the fastest growing hair loss solution at the moment. It is a non-surgical technique that gives the illusion of a shaved head.

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  • Permanent Makeup Removal

    Had poorly applied permanent makeup? It can be safely and effectively removed with laser tattoo removal techniques. Correctional treatments also available.

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  • Correctional Treatments

    Eyebrows or lips with unnatural colours of grey, green, orange from the previous Permanent Cosmetics procedure can be reworked and corrected. With extensive knowledge and over 17 years of experience, Emalene Grove can help you to bring more natural look to your face.

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  • Remedial Treatments

    If you have no eyebrow hair, we can use fine ‘hair by hair’ simulation to create the illusion of realistic looking eyebrows. This eliminates the ‘naked’ look associated with the lack of eyebrow hair and avoids the solid colour fill appearance of eyebrow pencil. 

If you have no eyelashes, permanent eye enhancement in a natural, subtle effect or a flattering make-up effect will give you perfectly defined eyes and remove the need for constant make-up re-application.

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  • Treatments for Men

    More and more men use Natural Enhancement treatments and procedures not only to correct medically related problems – but also as a surgery-free route to improved appearance. So, whether your concern is scarring resulting from contact sports or accidents, conditions such as alopecia or just a desire to look more attractive, do please get in touch.

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