Eye Treatments

Who hasn’t struggled to get eyeliner looking perfect? Applying your own eyeliner is extremely difficult, but when eyes have been perfectly lined, they can look amazing.

Permanent cosmetics gives eyes a wide awake, more vibrant look, say goodbye to smudges and smearing! 

Eyelashes can be made to look thicker and fuller, eyes are defined and eyeliner can be replaced.  Treatment techniques available are eyelash enhancement, thin eyeliner and thick eyeliner which are all available in an array of colours.

Our eye enhancement techniques give you a defined liner or a subtle shadow, emphasising your eye colour, making your lashes look thicker, your eyes larger and more striking, eliminating annoying eye make-up smudging. 

And if you suffer with pollen or conventional eye make-up allergies, or contact lens sensitivity, permanent eye enhancement means your eyes will always look great, with no more irritation. 

Suitable for both sexes and all ages, this enhancement is especially beneficial for those with poor vision for whom applying eye-makeup accurately is difficult.

Treatment Prices

Treatment Price
Eyeliner fine application 450
Eyeliner thick application 500
Eyeliner coloured application 525
Eyeliner two tone application 775
Eyeliner ultra thick application 575

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How to Book Your Treatments

Please visit the Booking Policy page, for details on how to book a treatment with us.