Eyebrow Treatments

Brows have never been more of a facial focus than they are now, Eyebrows frame the face, giving expression, warmth and depth, and without them, women can feel uncomfortable about their looks. For those of you, who plucked brows into oblivion have naturally sparse and pale brows, suffer from alopecia or undergoing chemotherapy will benefit from this remarkable treatment. Permanent make can be used to enhance the brow.

Treatment techniques that are available can be used to give the brow a feathered and natural appearance which is excellent for full brow reconstruction or a powdered brow for a more defined and sharper look.

Let permanent brow enhancement replace your eyebrow pencil.

You’ll wake in the morning looking good, free from the time-consuming task of having to draw the correct eyebrow shape – because it’ll already be there! 

If you’re sporty and active, your eyebrow make-up won’t smudge away during activities such as aerobics and swimming.

If your eyebrows are too short, or you have little or no eyebrow hair, we can bring your brows to a perfect shape and colour using fine, hair-by-hair simulation or a subtle, colour-mist application.

And if you are looking for a more youthful, refreshed look to the eye area Emalene expertise can correct drooping brows. 

But most of all – your perfectly-shaped eyebrow enhancement will be created especially to suit your face shape bringing greater emphasis to your eyes.

Treatment Prices

Treatment Price
Feather 3D Stroke 500
Powdered Brow 450
Eyebrow Reconstruction 575

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How to Book Your Treatments

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