Lip Treatments

It’s the law of nature that we can’t all be blessed with full and sensual lips! But with all lips, as we get older, the natural skin pigments fade, and can draw color out of the face. But, it is possible, to change the shape and shade of your mouth.

Permanent make up can be used to give the lip back its definition, to give the illusion of a fuller lip or to just replace your lipstick or lip liner. As well as boosting the lip area the treatment can correct any shape or symmetry concerns and perfect the lip shape. It can also give your mouth a more youthful appearance by defining your natural lip contour  Treatment techniques available are lip liner, lip blush and full lip colour.

Choose a subtle or dramatic fullness, either in an attractive blush of colour or a full lip tint you can accentuate by adding lip gloss. 

If you’re concerned about the ageing process, Emalene has the skill to create the illusion of lift and give your mouth a youthful fullness. 

And as a bonus, lip enhancement also eliminates the problem of lipstick bleeding.

Lip Liner

Treatment Price
Lip liner coloured application 450
Lip liner natural application 425

Lip Blush

Treatment Price
Lip blush natural application 500
Lip blush coloured application 525
Lip blush tint 600

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How to Book Your Treatments

Please visit the Booking Policy page, for details on how to book a treatment with us.