Remedial Treatments

Alopecia And Chemotherapy

If you have no eyebrow hair, we can use fine ‘hair by hair’ simulation to create the illusion of realistic looking eyebrows. This eliminates the ‘naked’ look associated with the lack of eyebrow hair and avoids the solid colour fill appearance of eyebrow pencil. 

If you have no eyelashes, permanent eye enhancement in a natural, subtle effect or a flattering make-up effect will give you perfectly defined eyes and remove the need for constant make-up re-application.

Hair Replacement

Hair loss irregularities due to hair transplant scars; injury scars and thinning are significantly camouflaged by infusing a shadow of colour through the affected area of the scalp.

We offer the latest non-surgical hair loss solution: Scalp Tattooing, also knowned as Scalp Micropigmentation. Please click here to find out more about Scalp Tattooing.


Permanent cosmetic enhancement is convenient for albinos especially if impaired vision is a problem.

A delicate mist of colour is implanted to give natural looking enhancement and definition to eyebrows and eyes that lack pigmented hair.  

Correctional Work

Emalene also prides herself in the correction and removal of unsuccessful treatments carried out by other practitioners.

Emalenes expertise enables her to correct unflattering permanent cosmetic enhancements that have been created by other technicians.

Eyebrows with orange, blue grey and green hues and lip procedures with blue-grey hues are brought back to a more natural, attractive look with the skilled use of corrective pigments.

How to Book Your Treatments

Please visit the Booking Policy page, for details on how to book a treatment with us.